Hotel Groups


This training enables a hotel manager or owner to facilitate group training for employees through videos and simple instructions. It provides staff and managers with the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent sex trafficking on hotel properties and it presents best practices for increasing hotel safety and security.

**Spanish translations now available** Contact us to order Group training en Español.

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97% of BEST training participants said that implementing the best practices would increase the safety of their hotels

Sex trafficking and buying impacts all types of hotels from economy hotels in small towns to luxury hotels in the heart of downtown. The crime not only harms victims but poses serious safety risks to hotel guests and employees and can expose your hotel to legal and financial liabilities. This training aims to not only identify the crime but to proactively prevent it from occurring by making your hotel inhospitable to human trafficking.

You will receive:

  • Simple instructions so you can facilitate training for staff and managers
  • Three months of online access to all hotel group training video modules
  • Handouts to print for your staff
  • A certificate of completion for your property, with a list of participating staff

Pricing is on a sliding scale by rooms:

0-50 rooms:  $95
50-199 rooms:  $175
200-499 rooms:  $345
500+ rooms:  $695

BEST provides discounted corporate rates and need-based scholarships for free training. BEST also develops training for individual organizations. Please contact us for more information: