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BEST Groups


BEST Groups enables a facilitator to train a team in a group setting. It provides employees with the knowledge and skills to help protect your organization from the risks that sex trafficking and buying pose. The training also enables employees to feel good about the positive difference that your organization is making it the community.

You will learn:

  • What sex trafficking is
  • How sex trafficking and sex buying impact your business
  • Steps to proactively prevent illegal activity
  • Indicators of sex trafficking and buying
  • Recommended actions to take if you or your staff see indicators of sex trafficking or buying
  • Ways to increase your impact by influencing vendors and suppliers
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You will receive:

  • Simple instructions so you can facilitate training for employees
  • One year of online access to all group training video modules
  • Certificates of completion for employees who completed the course


$250.00 for 1-99 employees
$950.00 for 100-499 employees
$7450.00 for 500-4999 employees
5000+ employees – email for discounted corporate rates

BEST provides need-based scholarships for free training. BEST also develops training for individual organizations. Please contact us for more information: