Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – Employees Behaving Badly: the Risks that Sex Trafficking and Buying Pose to All Employers

This CLE is designed for Washington State in-house counsel, attorneys who advise employers, and plaintiffs’ attorneys.

A shift in law enforcement priorities in is uncovering a dark world of sex trafficking and exposing employers to new risks. An unexpected number of employees are engaged in crimes including sex trafficking, soliciting prostitution, and sexual exploitation. In addition, these employees are often exposing their employers to serious risk by using their employers time, property, and resources to commit these crimes.

  • 2pm is a peak time for soliciting online
  • 13% of calls to solicit sex originate from businesses, according to one study
  • 22% of sex buyers report buying sex while traveling for business

Pimps are also using the properties, products, and services of companies to exploit young people. Hotels, condominiums, websites, technology, transportation services, and more are being exposed to risk by this crime.

This course presents the latest information about sex trafficking as well as knowledge (a) to advise employers about risk exposure and (b) recommend policies and best practices to mitigate risks.

Speakers include:

  • Valiant Richey, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • John Lapham, General Counsel, Rover
  • Mike Pfau, Partner, Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala
  • Sandip Soli, External Counsel, Washington Hospitality Association
  • Mar Brettmann, PhD, Executive Director, BEST