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Which training meets your needs?

Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training

Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training equips hotel staff to protect your hotel from human trafficking.

The training explains the truth of trafficking and plainly describes laws and concrete steps on how frontline staff can personally make a difference in the lives of children and adults who are exploited every day.

After completing the basic 30 min training, you and your staff will receive a certificate. You can also choose additional modules to address real scenarios or receive more in-depth training.

BEST provides 3 online training options for hotels:

All Sector Training

BEST provides training to enable businesses to understand how your operations can make a positive impact on the issues of sex trafficking and buying while reducing risks to your organization.

  • How does sex trafficking and buying impact your organization?
  • How do you identify trafficking activity and protect your organization?
  • What should you do if you suspect an employee is engaging in commercial sex on company time?

BEST provides 3 options for online training:

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