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Increase safety & security and reduce risks posed by human trafficking.

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Lodging Sector Training – Inhospitable to Trafficking

BEST conducts training for hotels so that you are equipped to identify and report human trafficking.

To date, BEST has provided Inhospitable to Trafficking training to staff of over 135 hotels. As a result of our work with hotels, BEST was honored to receive the 2015 Washington Lodging Association “Allied Partner of the Year” award.

To enable more hotel employees to access our training we have developed an online version of our well-established curriculum. The training explains the ugly truth of trafficking and plainly describes laws and concrete steps on how frontline staff can personally make a difference in the lives of children and adults who are exploited every day.

“BEST training was instrumental in assisting my staff and the local authorities to not only let people know “not in my hotel,” but also help these men and women that are trafficked daily in our hotels. The training I received was certainly an eye opener for me and my staff when I brought the information back to them.”

–Warren Brown, General Manager

BEST provides 3 online training options for hotels:

All Sector Training

BEST provides training to enable businesses to understand how your operations can make a positive impact on the issues of sex trafficking and buying while reducing risks to your organization.

  • How can you assess your organization’s impact on sex trafficking?
  • How can your procurement practices reduce risk of sex trafficking and buying?
  • How do you communicate your policies on commercial sex with employees?
  • What should you do if you suspect an employee is engaging in commercial sex on business travel?
  • BEST can provide in-person training within your organization on these issues and more.

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BEST has recently launched online training for businesses on the issues of sex buying and trafficking. BEST provides 3 online training options for businesses.

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